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3D menu: Architecture and more

A display of several items made in 3ds Max, from V- diesel engines to tree houses, interiors, jewels, violins and more.


AutoCad 2013 export to 3ds MAX 2012

A power plant 18 cylinder Diesel V-engine, 90 % built in Autocad 2013 and exported to 3dsMAX 2012. It took me 1 month to find all the necessary stuff (2d drawings and pictures, not always matching one to another) and model 3D components out of it, to finally put all the motor together, sometimes by guessing a little bit. Then some days to set up the animation and render it. Give me accurate 2D drawings and in few hours I give you the entire 3D model with all components.

3D menu: archeology

Have a look inside this menu.

Here I show items coming from picture I took visiting " Nationalmuseet ", http://natmus.dk/nationalmuseet , the National Museum in Copenhagen. The pictures were treated then in Photoshop an prepared to be used as maps in the 3ds MAX material editor. The 3D object was created by looking at the pictures, or remembering the shape of it. Then the final process was put the new material on the object, create environments with lights and cameras.